I just thought of something..

Since Michael Jackson owned the copyrights to The Beatles music, who owns them now?
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Aren't all voiceovers performed by Morgan Freeman?

I thought that was like a law or something.

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Not Paul McCartney.

EDIT: I DO recall Paul saying he thought MJ should have left him the songs but people are saying MJ did leave them to him, so I can't say for sure again.
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didn't Paul buy them back before MJ died?

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Michael Jackson's Estate. He's making more money than you...FROM THE GRAVE
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I heard somewhere that Michael Jackson left them in his will for Paul McCartney?
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They were given to Paul in his will.
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Probably his kids. Just a guess.
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i think mccartney bought them back during the time jackson was having money troubles. this was also the time he moved out of america and sold the neverland ranch.
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I have no idea why I laughed so hard at that.
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I've heard that he willed them to Paul, but I also heard that he sold them to Sony before he 'Beat It'.
no probably pillow or sheets or one of his other sons or something

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what the hell, why does MJ have the copywrites to the Beatles songs??
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what the hell, why does MJ have the copywrites to the Beatles songs??

He bought them? Pretty simple.
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I have no idea why I laughed so hard at that.

i dont know why either. it wasnt particuarly funny lol.

either way.....sigged.....