My brother bought it and I just realized that it is pretty long (2+ hours) and it's 11:19 pm so I'm wondering if it's worth spending that much time and going to sleep late to watch it. I've seen the trailer but it doesn't really say much....Anyone seen it?
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i remember i saw it when i was 12.

it was awesome

(basically an "I am 12 and what is this?" time)
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Holy shiit. My doctor is Dr Mulholland and my uncle, with whom I live, is best friends with him. I thought this was about him
Your mother likes it ruff, Trebeck.
It's summer, what the fuck do you have to do that's important?

Do it!

Stay up late!

Party all night!

Sleep all day!

You don't know what you'll be missing out on 'til it's too late.

Enjoy youth while you can!
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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I clicked System Restore and it said "System Restore Is Unable To Protect You".