ive been trying to figure out how to play this for the past two weeks. its a pain mostly becasue im not an experienced bassist like i am a guitarist. im wondering if theres some bass specific trick im not grasping, al i think it is would be harmonics. if someone could help me out or tab it or somethign that would be awesome
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Discrepancy: While at 110 KIAS and 35 deg AOB with full right pedal, trims would not keep helicopter in correct Outer roll loop.

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Could not duplicate on ground. 11A799. NPPC
I'm gonna say pinch harmonics. Look at his hand shape when he's using the plec - he's using the trick of following the plec thro' with the tip of the thumb, just around the pup. Good place to get harmonics, no?
I think he's able to slide them around because his fretless will have flatwounds on it - they're a lot lower friction than rounds. Natural harmonics occur at the string nodes, so you can't move the pitch far. Artificial harmonics can be altered from the picking hand, I know; I just hadn't seen this before!
The two hand tapping section is partly harmonics too; he's tapping chords in any case. Also see Brian May for the tap harmonic trick (right at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody, you see him do it over the slow outro.)
The very nice WAL bass, and the drummer wired for tempo to fit with the loopers and delays all helps too!
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