My friend is looking to purchase a new amp. Tube or solid state. His price range is maximum $1000.. He is looking for combo only. He plays metal/rock/punk rock and likes some nice cleans to.. He would also like it for band practice in the future and giging...

any help?

O yeah he has a good guitar (schecter hellraiser avenger.. discontunited model)

Also under 1 grand offline... if it's under 1 grand online it willl probally be over in retail stores

EDIT: He likes the look of the krank rev JR 20 watt tube head... would that be good?
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I personnaly hated the kranks harsh tone, I found the cleans to be lacking. Try a traynor ycv50 blue, great cleans and overdrive, vintage 30s, 50 watts, and an unlimited 5 year warranty.
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Traynor might work well. They are made in Canada. +1

Also look at maybe a used Peavey Classic 30 (depending on the type of metal) or maybe a Valveking, Vypyre or Triple X. A Blackstar HT5 may work too just off the top of my head..

Look thru craigslist too man. And the link in my sig for specific gear.