I'm mildly considering getting a G-1275 with some of my own money (This won't effect the future Gibson SG '61 or new amp; those will come seperately, in the future). Any idea what a reasonable price to buy is? As in, I know it usually retails around 1,000. If I go used, and look for the cheapest I can, what'd be a good deal? Feel free to talk me out of spending it, but saying I need a new guitar/amp isn't a valid arguement, since those are coming anyways.
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Feel free to talk me out of spending it


A friend of mine runs a guitar shop, selling and repairing, out of his house with his dad. They've got some sixty-something guitars, not including the ones away in storage. A couple of double-necks among them. My dad also has a big old double-neck acoustic Washburn, so I've some experience with them.

Ask yourself this: do you really want to put up with a double-neck? They're very big, heavy, and unwieldy. Difficult to play, too, assuming the six-string is the neck closer to the floor. The utility is a pretty niche market as well - having the second neck is only useful to a small group of players.

If you're one of those players, go for it. If not, it makes little sense to pay so much for something so useless.