Hey guys
Havnt been on here in ages but I really need some advice on something.
I live in Australia, and as most of you know we pay about triple for everything here music related. So I've been getting into recording lately and My bro's going to the us next month and he might be able to pick me up an interface. I think I'm going with the presonus firebox. And I'm running cubase sx3 on windows 7 rc.
Anyway I just hav a few questions.

1. If cubase is running fine will the firebox run ok with windows 7?

2. Im looking for an interface with firewire so I can hav multiple tracks at once and I really only need the 2 standard inputs at once but having the xlr's might come in handy one day too. Any problems with my decision?

3. Will I need anything else to record a guitar and bass besides what I've already got?

And last one!
4. Will I be able to power the firebox in australia fine? we run on 240 volts

Thanks guys
All help is appreciated