Alright, we play in a local thrash metal band around John's Creek/Alpharetta Georgia. we're all about 15-16 years old so it would be preferred if we kept the age in that range haha and not have some 30 year old sing for us. Our current name is Sadistic Ritual but we have been looking at changing it for a while now (if you wanna throw any suggestions below for that as well) and we are heavily influenced by bands such as Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, Sadus, Municipal Waste, Megadeth, Violator, Mantic Ritual, Sacrifice, Morbid Angel, Exodus, Artillery, Exhorder, Toxic Holocaust, Venom, Warbringer, Possessed, Slayer, etc. etc. etc... but as you can see somewhat undergroundish thrash for the most part. So far we have three permanent members (2 guitarists and a drummer) and a new bass player we're trying out. what we are having trouble finding is a singer. we are very open to the style of singing as long as it goes with the music and sounds somewhat thrashy... anyone wanna give it a shot?
I don't know if I can help with the singing thing, but how about the name "Fetal Overlord"?
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I was replying to your want for a vocalist? I love thrash and am tired of all the deathcore stuff that Ive heard around here (macon) I would like to take a shot at being your vocalist.