I'm probably in the wrong place, but anyways, i need some good blues songs to do. like some that will give me good technique and such. Thanks.
Umm how long were you playing?

But I just do the following chords...

D, A, open strings where the A chords was strummed, then D.

I fixed it
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I would check out B.B King. There is a reason he is known as the king of blues. Just listen to his songs and you will get a feel for the phrasing, bends and vibrato that give you that bluesy sound we all love.
There are tons of blues songs depending on your level. If you are experienced you can try doing some of Stevie Ray Vaughans stuff, like "Couldn't Stand the Weather" or "Texas Flood". Though they both are hard to nail for anyone they are great practice and fun.

You could try some of Clapton and Cream's stuff too, like "Badge" or "Crossroads". As said, BB King is awesome as well, his songs are often easy enough to jam along with but catching his feeling may take a while .

Also you could check out some old stuff like Muddy Waters or Albert King, almost all of their songs follow the standard blues pattern, so rytmhwise it's safe.
If I were you, I would begin learning the thousands of different ways of comping you can provide to a blues number.

Check out Albert King and Muddy Waters as the guy above me said, but also look even earlier than that. Check out T. Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker, etc. Listen to the way these guys played rhythm guitar. From there, I think it is easier to build up towards the soloing.

Also check out Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Great stuff. Oh, and of course, Red House by Hendrix.
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