This guitar was bought from a fleet market 15 years ago for a grand total of $100. So I am not expecting much here. I've tried google but it didn't yield any good result. The model is Kawai GT-80. Please see pics in the link for more idea.


One of the problems I have with this guitar is that the fretboard is too wide, I can barely play barred chords on this thing, and when I try out the electric guitars in guitar center , they feel so small. Mmm...

The 2nd problem I have is the bridge. One side of the bridge is kinda pulled up. The action on the high frets is taller than on the low frets, the neck looks fine to me, so it might be due to the bridge. Do you think the bridge will be an easy fix?

Thanks in advance.
What you have there is a classical guitar. That is why the fretboard is so wide. It's supposed to be.

Sorry, but I can't really give you much particular information about the make and model. Looks like yours has a cedar top. I read on another forum that the company is Japanese and is largely a keyboard manufacturer, but made guitars for a brief period in the 80s.
It looks like you have a pretty typical classical nylon string guitar there. I had to have the bridge fixed for a classical guitar my father gave me. I think it cost about 50 bucks to have it fixed and set up. I took it to a professional tech- I don't know how much it would be to have it replaced if you're doing it yourself though.