I want to buy a keyboard, and after playing guitar, bass and drums for a few years, i thought i could try it out and expand my musical abilities.

I am stuck between either buying a midi controller or a portable keyboard (I'm into learning alot of the 80s type keyboard songs like jump by van halen lol).

I'm deciding between: M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi controller
Casio CTK-3000 Keyboard 61 keys

I have some midi software on my computer from a mixer i bought awhile ago (hypersonic 2), and i was wondering if the Casio CTK-3000 could be used as a midi controller since it has usb? If it can't, then I still am stuck in what to choose, because it'll be my first keyboard that i would like to learn on.
not really too helpful here, but i say just get the cheapest one you can find to see if you like it
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