I liked it.

The first intro was alright. The third guitar gave it a better feel when it came in.

The second intro i didnt really like after a while. It just repeated to much for me. Even when the extra guitar came in, it was still too repetitive.

I loved the prechorus. No changes needed. The little lead part that went into the chorus was nicee.

The chorus was ok.. I imagine vocals would make it a bit better. I still feel the same about the the transition and verse.

Change up the intro of the second chorus. No need to kinda build it up again.

The interlude was very cool. No changes needed.

I didn't really like the chords you used for the solo but the solo itself was good.

Ending was kinda a bummer :/

Overall 7.5/10

It was good but some parts should be changed up. It would sound a lot better with vocals. If vocals were added i'm sure it would be a good 8.5/10.
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Thanks for the crit.

Yes, I did intend this song to fit well with vocals, so I made it a little more basic and that also may be why the intro seems to repetive.

When I record it and maybe I get someone for vocals I want the intro to have no vocals, the the verse does, so it kinda introduces the riff before the vocals start. I think that might sound good.

Im going to record this song today, and Ill see if it sounds better. I dunno if Ill be able to get vocals though unfortunately even though Id like it.
Intro was tight. Dual guitar riffs in the verse where cool, as where all the triplet runs. Drums where spot on. Bass was mediocre. It sounded like a generic metalcore song, (A7X, that type of stuff, I don't listen to it) and if that is what you're going for, then you nailed it.

As far as metalcore goes, that was very good. 8.5/10
In the grand scheme of music, it was good at best. 7/10 maybe even 6/10.

Use more lead for a change in things or overdub the singing with something.

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I liked the intro. I was disappointed by the build though, I was expecting more of a thrashy kind of beat instead of the blasts.

The pre-chorus was good, a little predictable excluding the solo though.

I enjoyed the chorus riff, but I feel that it went just a liiiittle too long with just guitar.

The interlude was pretty sweet, i liked the off-beat feel and the chromatics.

The solo kinda reminds me of No Sympathy for the Dead by ETF but that may be just because they are both shredtastic minor solos lol.

The ending was a big downer though =/ I was expecting so much more outta that.

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