So, I have this cheap Washburn with a broken neck, and I'm contemplating modding the **** out of it. The reason being is I want to start playing really atmospheric stuff. Stuff similar to Earth, Nadja, Aidan Baker, and a lot of SOMA's side projects. So, I want to get a really effects layered sound, and still possibly throw in a little metal touches.

What sort of stuff should I be looking for? Such as effects, strings, pickups, and a good amp. I'm getting a job soon, and I want to get a general price range to know how much to save.

I plan on recording my projects, and possibly playing small shows at local coffee shops and clubs that book really experimental stuff.
It depends on how much you're willing to save.

When I think of drone, I think Sunn or older Orange amps, and you're gonna want a fuzz pedal (Sovtek Big Muff would be my first rec) and maybe a delay and/or reverb for shoegazy stuff.

Strings, get something with a heavy gauge. And pickups, almost anything goes. Maybe a low output humbucker in the neck (i.e. a DiMarzio Humbucker from Hell) and a high output in the bridge (DiMarzio Super Distortion).

Hope I helped, but this setup won't be cheap.
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Post-Rock thread can definitely help.

Pick up a fuzz, a distortion, a delay, and a reverb.

Amp, really any clean loud amp will work. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Peavey Classic 50, and Vox AC30s are common. Maybe for doomy/drone stuff you'd want to go with a Sunn or Orange.
Hey man!

Okay, playing shoegaze and drone will be two completely different things, but I play both so I'll give you the run through.

Shoegaze: Necessities would be a nice delay (or two; one analog and one digital) and a good sounding reverb with a long setting, such as the Boss RV-5 or it's (better) cousin the RV-3. I would also recommend a good fuzz or distortion. The Russian Big Muff, ProCo Rat, and Boss HM-2 are a great place to start. A lush sounding chorus, such as the EHX Small Clone (NOT the Nano!) would add a nice dimension to your tone. Listen to bands like Slowdive and the Sundays for a good use of chorus.

Drone: You'll want a loop pedal, probably, to help build your soundscapes. I use the Akai Headrush E2, which I love, but honestly a Boss looper would work just as well. For drone, you'll want a bassy, fat sounding fuzz. Again, the Big Muff works great. Reverb works well too for more Sunn O))) type stuff.

Amps: Honestly, you'll just want a powerful amp, either tube or solid state. For drone, Sunn is the preferred brand, whereas shoegaze runs all over, though the Vox AC30 and the Roland JC120 work well.

Pickups: I suggest a humbucker or P90 in the bridge and a singlecoil in the neck.

Strings: Heavy, warm sounding. Try DR Pure Nickles.

Good luck man!