Hey guys! Here's a video of a performance me and my friend did in a school talent show like thing the other week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auyKxGktzqA

Just want to know what you guys think, rate, comment etc!

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It was....amazing ;________;

I loved the vocal harmonies. It kind of reminded me of acoustic Paramore, especially when they covered Love's not a competition
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I never heard the original, however this is a pretty nice rendition none the less. As I was listening, I was hoping for vocal harmonies. When they came in, they were very nice and did the song some justice. The only flaw was that the girls vocals were a little to restrained. When a person sings they should sing louder to try and invoke more emotion. That said, she wasn't a bad singer by any means. All in all it was really enjoyable. I loved the fog machine, especially in the beginning where it just encompasses you both. Pretty sweet.
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