I bought a Hod Rod Deluxe from a guy a few months ago and it worked perfectly for a while. Suddenly it started loosing volume and cutting out sporadically. I replaced all the tubes and now it doesn't cut out anymore. However, the reverb only works when I have the "more drive" button selected and nothing else. As for the drive and more drive channels, they don't work. I get no drive, just a clean sound from every channel. The led should be yellow on the drive channel and red on the more drive channel. Instead, on the drive channel it's dim red, and when i push the more drive button it turns bright red, but still, no actual overdrive. When I first played it after changing the tubes I got the yellow light for just a split second then the overdrive started cutting out, then i turned it off and back on and all i'm getting is a clean tone. Lemme know if I need to give more details, please.