Okay here's the deal, I've been playing since January but I'm not sure where or how to take my guitar playing to the next level. I want to become more serious with my guitar playing so i can start making my own music but i have NO direction what so ever (sadly).

I know a good number of chords and I know a bit about scales. but other than that I have nothing. I'm at a complete road block with my playing. I would like to play more of a post-hardcore / metalcore style, but I'm once again have NO direction.

I would like to pay for lesson, but I'm starting college soon so i can't afford it.
Can someone PLEASE help me!
Well, my friend, start off by learning songs by artists you like. Start with simple songs, and go up as you master them. Also, search UG lessons for good practicing methods. The more you sit around and play ur guitar, the better you'll get.

Assuming you like rock, AC/DC, Nirvana, Foghat, Deep Purple, etc. (You Shook Me All Night Long, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Highway to Hell, Slow Ride, Smoke on the Water, Back in Black) are all great bands to start out with. Then move into Metallica, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc (Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Crazy Train, Number of the Beast). And once you think you're able, master the masters: Van Halen, Dragonforce, Dethklok (Hot for Teacher, TTFATF, Deththeme, Sewn Back Together Wrong, Briefcase of Guts).

If you wanna play hardcore, you're gonna have to know power chords, gallops, alternate picking, palm muting, sweeping, and lightning-fast arpeggios. And, btw, don't pay bunches of cash for lessons. UG has great free lessons from other users. Youtube is chock full of video lessons. Plus, you can always have a friend show you his kick-ass riffs and solos. Learning can be easy if you go about it right.

Just keep practicing and play ur guitar EVERY DAY and don't start out with insane stuff too soon, work your way up.
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