Hello and my name is eien. I joined maybe ten minutes ago so I could ask the following questions. I have a guitar that is needing in my eyes some customization.
I play lead for my band and I need help making the "ultimate lead" guitar.
the guitar is from a company that will be downed alot on here but I do warn you from
this point here on.

Not even hell will have as much flame as me. The guitar is a warlock made by B.C rich. I take pride in that name. The guitar is a revenge edition with the solid white
with black binding. The guitar has chrome hardware and a TOM bridge. I want to know if this setup would be good. Gold hardware replacment (yes I realize this is expensive). evolution neck pickup.(dimazario) invader bridge.(seymour duncan).
and finally the emg afterburner pickup booster.

Is this setup good? Would it be wise just to replace all the electrical's? How would the wire setup be for the pickup booster? Do you think gold looks good or does it look tacky? that should
be the picture of it.(well sort of) Thanks for everyone posting comments.

P.S no spamming because of what the guitar is.....
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Hello, right wing nut:

Been a fan of the Beast since its inception, so no flaming to worry about here.

Setupwise, I am unsure--as I have never had any of my guitars setup professionally.

If by electricals you mean pickups then that depends on your finances. Truth be told, it's easier to purchase a new axe with your specs than to upgrade. But I see that you love your guitar so I would strongly advise you to research live demos of the pickups in question on youtube. They do not have to be installed on your type of axe; you just want a general idea I'm sure. For the wires, I wouldn't know; and I don't know how the pickup booster works.

I prefer gold hardware on dark colors because it contrasts better. But keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I think by electronics he means pot/capacitors,not just the pick-ups.If that's the case then probably yes.MANY guitars (I hear even Gibson aswell theses days) come stock with cheap pots and caps.IMO re-wire yourself and look up some wiring mods.There a huge variety of sounds to be gotten from different wiring configurations.
Gold hardware for me is a no go.The gold coloured plating flakes very easily,especially on the cheaper models.
And whilst you are aware that B.C is not very well liked around here, if it's a low budget chinese made B.C rich,then it may not be worth up-grading.However I'm not familiar with B.C rich's production line,so it could be a nice guitar.
I don't know alot about pick-ups,but I'm assuming the evolution pick-up you mentioned is active? if not you might have some problems wiring it up with the invader.As for the afterburner,there will probably be a wiring diagram on EMG's website.
Good luck.
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Okay, looks first. I love white/gold guitars. My next will be exactly that.
Pup-wise, any reason not to go with straight EMG or Blackouts? Much simpler wiring, and I have a feeling you can get EMG's with white covers now. Add in gold surrounds to match the hardware.
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Thanks for the comments thus far. Yes I'm talking about a whole new pot setup and
even replacing the selector switch. I've thought about buying dimarzio pots. Would that be a good call? The two pickups are passive. My friend said that that wiring shouldn't be too hard. The guitar itself is made in korea. So if that helps any at all.
The best B.C riches I've heard are japenese or american made.

Though american made is very rare. So far i think gold on the white would look good. The reason I oppose emg they sound "generic" I allready have a epiphone sg
those new custom series with the emg's in it. I think they sound good but I like a variety. So thanks again in advance.
i love bc rich, i dont know why so many ppl around here dont. as for your guitar i think a full electronic upgrade would probably be the best thing to do. im not into gold hardware myself, i prefer black hardware on a white guitar, but thats just me. well good luck, hope it tuns out good