Dean Avalanche MQ (PM me!)

25.5 inch scale, 22 frets, abalone dots, maple neck, basswood body, beautiful maple top, only a few minor cuts and bruises. The guitar is yours for $250 shipped CONUS with a black gig bag and the trem. Or trade. Show me what you've got! I could add some $$$ on top, or i've got some pickups and other stuff to add into the trade. BTW, i love PRS SE's...

This is my second try at single coils, but even with the humbucker at the bridge, i just never play this one. I guess that is why they invented the coil splitting :thu: That is the sole reason for me selling it: singe coils and not enough use. It is a beautiful guitar, and i am not 100% on selling it, but who knows? i may find something i really want. You know how things are with guitars :wave:
Anything in my sig interest you?
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