Pretty cool, I'm not a huge fan of country but that song was pretty good, kind of folky which I like.

Keep it up!
thanks for the crit
sorry but i can't listen to all of your song i'm on a 56k connection, for some reason or another we can't get broadband and it would take up about a hour just to listen to it and thats on low-fi
i'm not a great fan of country and i don't know the structure either but i can say that your acoustic guitar has a nice tone might want to be slightly louder
i listenened up to 1:40 and it doesn't seem too bad its kinda repetitive but i really can't say whether that's just your song or most of country music

otherwise your actual playing and singing sounded spot on
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I like the short 'lick' in the intro, although short it does provide a good start to the song. I like how you've introduced it at the end of the piece too.
As usual, your voice really suits the rest of the piece (i remember it from your other song!) - it really is quite outstanding!
Haha, i like the 'i played my fender until my fingers bled' line.
It is quite obvioius where the chorus is, and that's a good thing... but perhaps add some strings or bass, or maybe even a small backbeat just to emphasise on it more.

Thx for the crit, and keep it up!
Thats pertty freaken good, cant get any better than a song about a guitar. It seems like you mixed it pertty well, the guitar was just loud enough but didnt overpower your voice. I like the bruskey line, made me lol. Your a great songwriter, cant wait to see what else you come up with.

Can you crit another song from me? I just figured out how to layer guitars and stuff, and its my first attempt at it, but its called Army of One in my profile. Its an alternitive rock style.
Sounded good man, you got a pretty good voice and I like the country folk feel a lot. You should try and overlay that little solo type thing that you have with your normal progression, just a suggestion. You definitely got some talent, keep it up man.
Not really a big country fan, except for older country like Johnny Cash and the likes, but I liked this a lot, especially the fact that you weren't singing about beer, girlfriends, or your truck

I thought your voice could've had more energy and more dynamic changes... It seemed you were kind of singing the same volume the whole time. I thought it would be a good idea if you gradually got louder when you sang the "...I picked up, I picked up the six-string" part. And if you could find other spots you where could add some dynamics, that would be a good idea. Otherwise, pretty good.
I liked the sound your vocals had, it seemed like there was some delay in there, but they really had a presence to them. I think as a guitarist this is an easy song to enjoy, because we can all relate to it in some way. The chorus seemed catchy, which I find to be one of the harder parts of song writing, so i can really commend the peace on that. On the negative side it started out a little odd, I'm not sure what it was, but i almost didn't make it to the first chorus, once i did i enjoyed it and listened to the song twice, but it started very slow, and was touch and go there for a minute, so you might want to play around with the lyrics at the front. Actually on a third listen its not the lyrics themselves, maybe the singing needs to be more dynamic, i'm not sure.
I really like the six string song. Great songwriting, really chill song in general with great vibes. The vocals are pretty good. The guitars have a really great sound to em. The only crit I have is to just mess with the EQ a little bit, I think it'd sound fuller with a tad bit more lows in the full track. Otherwise, well done
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