Are there any cool ring modulator pedals out there that are under $200? Maybe ill just get a moog but if theres something cheaper let me know!
Im curious, what do people use ring modulators for?

So i'm useful, the Zvex Ring mod is pretty cool, I also thing its a sequence pedal.
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Copilot FX has wondeful ring mods:
Also, the Subdecay Noise Box is sweet:
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The solo on sabbaths paranoid has a ring modulator. Its what gives it that strange fuzz edge.
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Im curious, what do people use ring modulators for?

So i'm useful, the Zvex Ring mod is pretty cool, I also thing its a sequence pedal.

ring modulators are cool in that fact that the effect kinda changes with different speeds of the carrier signal, input and throughput. so at times it'll sound like mellow tremelo pedal, sometimes it sounds like some kinda pitch shifting trem, then it can sound like some kinda wild swirly mess, and that is just a few sounds from a ring modulator. but basically, i don't know of too many other effects that go through such a wide range of noises, so i use ring modulators to get really out there with morphing style effects, it is amazing how deep that rabbit hole goes.

so i bought a moog mf-102, not because it was moog or because it was so expensive it had to be good, but because, frankly, i couldn't find one that was more customizable. really. being able to customize you carrier signal between wave forms(square and sine) and frequency. then being able to voltage control carrier rate, and then being able to completely bypass the internal carrier signal with your own carrier signal from... well anywhere. i did look at the zvex and the eh ones, and the moog blew them out the water for customizability. i don't know about dr. pains, but he is quit knowledgeable and they're worth looking into. but i personally would recommend mf-102 if you're looking for high versatility, get a zvex or eh if you want something to just step on to get funky notes.
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Dan Armstrong Green Ringer. simple, but sickly.

BYOC also makes a Orange Squeezer and green ringer in one pedal, and it sounds kickass.
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