okay, i've been soldering some electrical stuff in my guitar for about a year now.. and i notice that the soldering tip shortens.. and now it's only so short that makes it difficult for me to solder in tight spots..

it's a cheap 40watt soldering iron that gets the job done.. so here's my problem.. i went to an electrical shop to buy a replacement soldering tip.. they have one for a 40 watter but it's fatter compared to my tip.. there was one which seemed just right but it was for a 30 watter..

question, what would happen if i use a 30-watt-tip on a 40-watt soldering iron? is it ok? any negative effects?


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I imagine the tip is rated for 30 watts because it isn't supposed to get any hotter than that.
I'm not sure though as I've never actually tried it.

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