I put this litte ditty together on tuesday, while dicking around, in about half an hour. The main idea (blast beats/trem picking, contrasted with tempo changes) came from a school jam i had earlier with a drummer.

After a little bit of tweaking in the drums, and adding some lyrics (to track two) i decided to show it off.

What do you think of the Pudding Man?

P.S. the ovedriven guitar channel was for depth in an mp3 version I made. It's pretty redundant in GP.
that's pretty awesome . love the lyrics
STEAM: beachhhhhhhh

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Please daddy, just for one hour.
Would love to hear this recorded.

Bars 55 + 56, reuse the same rhythm from bars 51 and 52. I think it will make the transition to bar 57 smoother.

Bar 89 = awesome.

Bars 111 + 112: meh. I really don't like that. Just repeat 107 + 108 :P

Otherwise. PUDDING MAN!!!!

Actually, I agree with you on all of those points, 21Fretter.

89 is definitely the climax of the piece.
When i listened to it i just had to growl/scream the awesome lyrics
Very nice. The lyrics actually made me laugh.
If 4 more people tell me to go back to writing The Vanishing Point, I will.

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