I Want To Travel Away From The Rising Sun


Wrote this a while ago. I have some gripes with it but for the most part I think it's fairly good, albeit simple and repetitive. Can I get some honest opinions, and criticism if you feel the desire? Thanks.
thanks for your critim sorry mine took so long, but i been away from the computer for awhile,....anyway, here goes...

i like the intro guitar riff, then 20 seconds in, i like how all the instruments come together,, it sounds really good...all these riffs sound really good, i like the little solo at the end....but it all repeats too much, and it kinda ends too quickly, but i like it...overall i give it a 6/10
You should think in a better ending, this one is very abrupt.
And add more drums.
Maybe use the principal riff but with some changes.
You´re right, the song is simple and repetitive, but, it´s very athmospheric, the song really transpose to other reality, it is hard to do, for this, I think that is a good song.

Crit mine...