I restrung, my guitar after polishing it and cleaning all the electronics and everything, and lowered the action alot,

I moved from an .09 to a .11 String gauge.

So ywah, I'm tuning it up to E standard, and it just feels weird, E A G B are pretty tight, but B and e are abit loose but they are too tight to be tuned up another octave. :/ Then I try playing something, and everything is EXACTLY the same pitch, you can hear a minimal pitch change, i dunno whats up :/ This is the same for all the strings.

Should i set the intonation again, or just leave the strings for a few days, or what?
Going from 9 to 11 will feel weird. Did you make a truss rod adjustment to compensate for the extra tension?
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i suggest you look at the setup thread in this forum. basically going from 9's to 11's will probably need a truss rod and intonation adjustment, especially as you have lowered the action as well.
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The Bridge.

The Bridge again.

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Its literally impossible to play, there's no difference in pitchy when you move around the fretboard on a string. I played some chromatic scales and it all sounded the same note, which is the note the string is tuned to. The B and e strings are just jangly and sound like a bass.

This is truss rod adjustment yeah? Cos the bridge is as low as it can go.
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Don't just adjust your truss rod willy nilly - check you haven't lowered the action too much first. You might not be getting any change in pitch because it is fretting out because the action is too low. Loosen your strings, raise the action a tad and retune before you do anything else.

When your guitar is in tune fret the low E string at the 1st and last fret at the same time, then check the gap between the string and the 8th fret. It should be about 0.01" (0.25mm). If there is too much gap, the truss rod needs to be turned clockwise. If there is not enough gap, the truss rod needs to be turned counter clockwise.

Only make tiny adjustments at a time - I'd never turn it more than a quarter of a turn at a time. Don't force it if it feels tight, and let it settle in between adjustments.

Be careful

Edit: if the bridge is as low as it can go, your strings are probably touching the fret wire! Loosen them, raise the action so it looks sensible, then retune, carefully adjust your truss rod, then if you're not happy with the action detune and adjust the action again - but not as much! You'll probably have to set your intonation after all that too.
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