so i liek have a Laney LV300 i bought me last summer, which i like, but you know, it doesn't have enough gain on hi-gain channel, it's like only enough for black sabbath and sh*t like that, and i want something really gainy, like to play Attack! Attack! and i want a Dimebag tone too you know, like pantera is an awesome band i still cry when i hear "this love" by them.
i've been thinking of selling the laney and getting some nice stuff, like a Marshall or one of those fancy Line 6 Spider IIIs. Thing is, the Marshall MG is endorsed by all these great metalz0r guyz, like kerry king and zakk wylde, and they have a tone very similar to pantera and you know, i want to write a letteer to zack and recommend him Attack! Attack! because crabcore is cool and i think zac would appreciate them.
problem is, there is a rumour like there's gonna be spider iv coming out and i've been thinking of maybe wait for teh spider iv because maybe it'll have more cool presets and amps, and maybe they'll add a real scoop control, not the "mids" thing which is for pussies, but a real f*cking scoop control.
and u know like i've been sitting in this "gear for sh*t-rock, i mean post-rock" thread, making fun of them, because i'm so cool and u know liek they thought i was really like a fan of sigur ros and stuff, while i like metallica and dime and i know the dimebuckers in a tele guy is a douche, i have an ibanez and i'm gonna get me some bill lawrence pups, so i made fun of those guys all the time, like, and exposed their true identities, but thing is, they used their ugly post-**** music and ring-modulated my brainwaves with it so i like can't understand a thing and i sometimes feel i don't need lotsa gain or a scooped tone, while i know i do, like they took their bow guitar sound urgh and ring-modulated by brainwaves and now i have not one brain frequency but F*CKING THREE!!! i'm gonna see a doctor tomorrow kiss my ass i got a private blowj.., i mean surgeon my name is my name is will the real slim shady please stand up go go go go tits laney is t3h devils tit
and u know i wanted to fap to a pic of devi ever and well i'm gonna do it!! haha!11! lol

u like my pen0r and mah titz?