I've been playing guitar for 3-4 years and I think I'm an intermediate player. I decided to stop taking lessons because I don't think I was getting much out of them. So...now I'm looking for a book of exercises, scales, and things I can do to get better at guitar. Someone recommended the Guitar Grimoire but I found some bad reviews for it too. Any other suggestions?
Speed Mechanics is really good. Another option is Rock Discipline by John Petrucci.
the guitar grimoire is one of the best books i have you should get it make sure its the scales and modes edition. I dont really use the modes but the book is basically an encyclopedia of scales. its not demonic although it looks like it
you shouldnt be buying stuff cuz other people give good or bad reviews on it. you should check it out first. whats crap to someone is someone else's treasure
I have Creative Guitar 2 by Guthrie Govan and Thrash Guitar Method by Troy Stetina, between these two books I have made more progress than anywhere else, possibly even lessons. Anything by either of those guys is worth the money.
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