First post for me so let me start with a question:

I'm searching for a really dirty and agressive (sort of fuzzy yet trebly at the same time) sound, kind of like a blend of early Stripes and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I play with a Mexican Standard Telecaster and I'll use a Cool Cat Fuzz (for my standard sound), a Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive (for boost) and a Dano French Toast Overdrive (for solos and total chaos). So, with this setup, which amp do you think would be better for me?

I can't really try them because the Epiphone can't be found here in Portuguese stores and the demos on youtube, although kind of nice, don't really explore the kind of sound I want.

Can anyone help me, please?
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I own a Blues Custom 30, and I play mainly garage rock A La The White Stripes, Black Keys, and Mooney Suzuki. It does it very, very well.

Way better amp than any blues junior I've played for that kind of sound.
blues jr. is lighter dirt from what I recall, so for grungy id say the epiphone...i personally went for blues jr cause i wanted a little breakup at bar volumes
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