Hey, i was wondering if some music geniouses could help me. I've taken standard grade music and 1/3 of that grade is inventing. I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of good;


For inventing a rock/metal song. I'll try anything from traditional music with a guitar through it like Finntroll's Trollhammeren to something like Kiss's Rock n Roll all Night. The minimum Requirements are as follows;

-32 bars
-Some form of ABAA or ABACAD etc for verses OR it can be a song
-Middle 8 (Thats a solo but it can be middle w/e but 8 minimal
-Must be Through Composed

Just for the records. My music teachers hate me, so i want something good to give a '**** you look what i can do, bet you never knew i was capable of that' and also something thats fun to write.

Also, i dont need to play it so in theory i can include and form of tapping shredding etc even if i cant play it. I apreciate the help.

Sorry for bad spelling, and thanks in advance!
I'm sure that your teachers would love an original composition.

but the pentatonic scale and power scales are always the ultimate start.
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