I've been playing guitar rather heavily these past couple of days, at least for me. Yesterday, I put in something like five hours straight. My forearm aches somewhat right above the elbow and when I move my hand like I'm picking, it flares up a bit. I'm definitely going to take a day or two off. Has anyone else had something similar? If it helps, a good two hours were devoted purely to sweep picking, for which I use my elbow more then my wrist.
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stop using your elbow

the dude is right. Relax your elbow completely and start picking entirely from the wrist. This is by far more comfortable and will help a great deal with speed. Your elbow is hurting because you are tensing the muscles there while you play. Focus entirely on keeping your picking all in the wrist.
Take a break. Practicing for five hours does less for me than a really concentrated hour. If you practice too much, your brain won't have time to absorb and solidify all the practice and you won't get much out of it.

If it hurts, stop. There's something wrong when anything hurts. Besides initially forming calluses, guitar playing shouldn't hurt AT ALL. Either you're practicing too hard for too long, or your technique is wrong. Basing on what you posted, I'm going to have to say it's the former.
I don't pick from the elbow- I sweep with my elbow. That's a lot more comfortable and it feels more natural. My alternate picking is purely from my wrist - I tried to make that a goal from day 1.

But yeah, I'm definitely taking a couple days off. I'm actually headed to the mountains until Wednesday, so I think I'll have plenty of time to rest my picking arm.
its tennis elbow. I got it not to long ago. Just take some time off, then work on working primarily with your wrist(hehe) and not the elbow.
I tend to work heavily with my wrist - I even do 3-4 string sweeps with my wrist because I have larger then average sized hands. I think the straight two hours of doing 5 string sweeps might have set it off. Thanks for the help.