Im thinking about buying a bass guitar. Im just a beginner.

The first one is the jumpstart pack from Ibanez with GSR190J bass and an 10 or 15 watt (im not sure) amp.

The second one is the milestone from Peavey, if i'd buy this one it would be with the IBZ10B amp from Ibanez. Which one should be the best for me? Maybe some other suggestions?


1. What type of music do you think you'll be playing?
2. Try them both out in store to see which one feels the best and which one gives the sound that you want.
3. Out of the choices you gave, I'd get the Ibanez GSR190J
Gear I Want:
-Boss GEB-7
-Boss LMB-3
-Boss CEB-3
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-Boss ODB-3
-Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass

Gear I Have:
-Peavey Millennium BXP =]
SWR WorkingPro 2x10C =D
I would go with the Milestone and the ibanez 1bz10b. The milestone is just a better bass. This and the stock amp that comes with the GSR190J is supposedly crap. Have fun playing bass =D