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I'm looking for a decently priced compression/sustainer pedal. Anyone know what trey from phish uses for the looong held notes?
trey uses an Analogman compROSSor, a clone of the old ross compressors. they are quite pricey, though. i think they're worth every cent.

you could get an MXR Dyna Comp. those are good too.

EDIT: Trey also uses two anlalogman 808/silver modded TS9s. those are also important to achieve his long, sustained sounds like in "Llama". "Farmhouse", "Stash" and many other songs.
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I didn't care to much for the boss c3
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If you can find one a HomeBrew CPR is the best compressor i've had the pleasure of trying
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I didn't care to much for the boss c3

Agreed, a horrible pedal. I have an MXR supercomp which , when I kick it in on the clean channel of my amp, gives a wonderful AC/DC tone. Don't know why, must've dialled it in by accident