That's right, I'm selling the PRS I received in a trade from a fellow forum member because I'm dying for one of those new Sonic Youth Jazzmaster/Jazzblasters.

I dated the serial number and found that it was made in 1994, a year after PRS mass-production started (I believe, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

It's been played in really well over the past few years and it's certainly has its share of playing wear, but nothing that puts the guitar in danger.

The neck is straight and the frets are slightly worn, but in good condition for a 10+ year old guitar.

The knobs on the guitar don't match (a cosmetic decision made by yours truly) and one of them is ebony, while the other is plastic. I have the other matching knob in the case, so don't worry about them not matching.

The pickup rings are also ebony. This essentially simulates the effect you get when mounting pickups directly to the body and therefore, yields better tone. But if you want, it includes the normal plastic pickup rings. According to the previous owner, these ebony rings were very expensive and custom made for the PRS.

As far as electronics, it has a 3-way switch and a volume and a tone. The pickups are BOTH Seymour Duncans. In the bridge, there's a Custom 5 and in the neck, there's a Alnico II Pro. The Custom 5 is quite fat in the guitar and sounds really great clean, as well as dirty. And personally, I think the AIIPRO really shines well in this guitar. Really woody sounding and clear. That's one thing I'll miss about this guitar, but I've got my eyes on something new.

It comes with the original hardcase, pickup rings, knobs, tremolo arm, PRS rotary switch and strap-locking tuners.

I'm looking to get $1200 for this guitar, plus shipping to anywhere in the CON. US.

Take a good look before this one is gone. I'll upload some simple pictures and if anyone wants something more in depth, I'll put those up too.