Probably a dumb question but....

I own an all tube custom built head and my tech biased it at 70 milli amps instead of its usual 85 milli amps and my drive channel isnt balsy enough at the moment.

I have a show on Saturday and dont have the time to get it to my tech before then soo...

I use a maxon od808 pedal with my drive channel usually, and just for this one show i was thinking of using the clean channel of my amp, a distortion pedal and the maxon od808.

Would running guitar>OD>Dist> clean amp sound good, or would there be too much with the OD and dist?

It's called stacking. Just adjust your amp and pedals accordingly. You may find something you like. I use a rat and plextortion all the time. Just don't over do it.
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Go try it out. None of us are going to know how your custom amp sounds with nameless pedals.

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Yea i understand, was mostly asking if this was a dumb idea like one of those "NO's" of guitar FX.

Thanks for the quick responses. I already have the maxon od808 for overdrive and am thinking about trying the boss metalcore for dist, tho it isnt true bypass : /

The clean on my amp is directly modeled after the peavey JSX clean channel. same circuitry, same tubes, etc

Im also running a hardwire rv7 reverb pedal and a line 6 dl4 delay
As others have said, try it out.

I have used a MIJ Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2 both before and after a green Sovtek Big Muff... I like it after as it seemed to smooth out the Big Muff. Before it, I didn't have to crank the distortion up on the Big Muff (the taper on the distortion pot seemed to jump up quickly so the OD-2 gave me a little more control.)

(Then again I wasn't playing at concert volume either...)
Quote by xkmattx
Thanks for the quick responses. I already have the maxon od808 for overdrive and am thinking about trying the boss metalcore for dist, tho it isnt true bypass : /

Why would you pollute a Maxon OD808 and a custom tube amp with a metalcore?!!
there is a number of recipe's for 'stacking'(good term, never heard that before). you will be kinda at the mercy of the last pedal in the chain(as in my experience this is the one that sculpts the tone the most), so if your distortion pedal at the end of the chain sucks then so will your tone no matter how good the od pedal is before it. personally, i use a fuzz instead of distortion at the end of my stack chain, which goes like:

zvex machine -> zvex boost clone -> addrock od -> red witch fuzz

in general i do less 'colorful' pedals up front and more 'colorful' pedal at the end. but this machine i use requires it to be up front [shrugs].

if you do stacking to achieve over drive effects you will have to work at keeping levels/noise/feedback under wraps. so i would definitely recommend doing this a day before the gig to optimize the tone and get pedal settings to something less noisy.

it sounds to me like you just need to roast those power tubes a little more, you may just need a boost pedal, it would probably suit your purposes better. just running the boost directly into the amp's distortion channel may solve your problem, if not a boost before the distortion or od pedal going into the amp's clean channel will be a cleaner solution
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