I was looking at acoustics for school and this seems nice since my acoustic I currently have is underpar and I need a new and the price seems nice.
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Should be alright. Just make sure you try it and like it before you buy. Also, try some other guitars while you're at the store. While the epi may look nice, you might find something that suits you more in the store.
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for that price range, i'd check out seagull. for the price, they're magnificent guitars.
Should be ok but I would have a bone bridge and bridge pins put on it. Can get the bridgepins cheap on e-bay.
i'm curious what you liked about it. perhaps it was the perfect guitar for you, but when i tried a couple epi doves, i wasn't impressed with the sound or quality. my other guitar playin' buddies feel the same about it. still, everyone has different preferences.

i suggest you also try the yamaha fg730s - good sound and quality for the same price. also check out the and the seagull s6 entourage.
I agree with patticake, Yamaha makes some decent, cheap acoustics. They have a much better build quality than Epis. But really, for the price, you can't go wrong with a seagull, hand made in Lapatrie Quebec, not an outsourced factory in Korea.