I was originally going to do this song in the style of Joe Satriani's Ten Words (i have a cover in my profile). I started recording it with my acoustic guitar in the writing stage just because it was easier not to have to deal with dialing up distortion and whatnot right away. This is a song i wrote for my girlfriend ( who doesnt really have a huge appreciation for music) so its pretty simple on the whole and i decided she would like it better if it was acoustic anyway. i recorded the final version months after i wrote it and since i originally wrote it for electric i included a solo. i was going through recording pieces on my acoustic and then i got to the solo and was like oh jesus how am i supposed to do that now. i miss a couple notes in the solo but i am considering myself luck since i got it recorded as good as it is in only a couple tries and i probably wont mess with it.

sorry for the text wall, its in my profile as pending name or something ( i have a few ideas but i dont want it to have some really corny, stupid title.) any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and ill always C4C.
My initial reaction to this peace is good, I personally can't quite get that consistent finger picked sound on an acoustic(not sure if you would call it something else), so I tend to appreciate those who can. Too my ears it sounds like you overdubbed yourself once (if not even more cudos) but the tracks blend seamlessly, which is a very impressive/good thing in my book. My inital thought was more zeppelin than satriani, but that might just be due to my listening tastes.

The thing i would work on with this track is the recording quality. The guitar has a slightly dull sound for an acoustic. Overly bassy and lacking the treble that really makes and acoustic shine.

hope this helps.