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When you're by yourself riding down the road, do you like to sing with the radio?

i do. Lol
i probably look like an idiot, but i don't care.
Everyone on this board is an idiot, so you'll fit right in.

On a serious note, no. Because I can't drive.
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Yes. This song as well.

Baby let me show you how to do dis
you ve gotta move this
youre doing fine
theres nothing to it
you gotta move this
come on and move this
shake that body for

People dont you know....
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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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Yeah. I have an iPod connected to my stereo and I always sing to my favourite bands

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I sing along to pretty much everything in my car.
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I don't have a radio.

But yes I do.
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sing when I'm walking down the streets of my town if that counts.
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and play air drums... i and use my left foot to pretend to hit the bass drum without lol

Lolz! I do that too!

Funny story about that though: I was pulled up to this stoplight in town and I was in the left lane and a cop pulled up next to me in the left turn lane. So some song on the radio came on that I liked so I started air drumming a little bit. Except I used the brake pedal as the bass pedal so I ended up moving a little bit then jerking to a stop.

The cop just kind of looked over like,
Probably will do when I learn to drive. Blast my way around town and narrow country lanes shouting out some At The Gates lyrics.
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Singing in the car is easy. Fapping in the car is the real challenge.
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I don't like impeding my hearing when I ride my motorcycle, so I sing to myself while I ride. It's usually the weirdest ****, too. "Ice Ice Baby" was popular the other day. I also occasionally beatbox.
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heck yea!! if its not my music its nursery rhymes with my girl..
If i could drive, and i knew the song I guess i would. Oh, and nobody else is in the car
No, but for some reason, I do air drum while driving.
For some reason, passengers don't like that at 80mph. *shrug*
I like to reenact this scene...


I love singing in the car. Sometimes I have to borrow my brother's car, which has no radio, so I have to BE the radio.

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You know what's funny? Sometimes when I air drum and I try to use my right foot for the bass pedal while there's a red light, I almost hit the car in front of me.
I don't sing in the car. I orchestrate a plethora of orgasmically-laced notes that can only be accurately described by the Oxford Dictionary as "Ear sex".

And I rape.
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i do. but not loudly. and i always stop singing at redlights. We live in a small town and I don't want to be seen as too off my rocker.

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Anyone who says they don't sing in their car is a liar.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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i don't sing because most of the time i don't know the lyrics to the song that is

playing on the radio so i just don't even try.

ba ba baba ba
yep i go for those high pitched songs like "happy day" from sister act, or stuff by Cold War Kids
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So infrequently that I put down no.

The rare exception is Mr. Blue Sky by ELO, I'm practically obligated to sing that in a hilarious falsetto. Oh, and Down On The Corner by CCR.
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