Alright, now I personally don't own a mac. But my band has been attempting to demo at our practice space and the only thing there is a mac with garageband. Now, I hate using mac for this just because I'm not familiar with it, but I hate using garageband more. According to our drummer who's quite familiar with it, you cannot automate tempo and time signature changes. Which is a huge problem because we do that quite often.

So basically what we've been doing is just having the drummer record first, without any kind of metronome, with we feed one of the guitarists playing along with him to his headphones. But obviously he isn't perfect. Its been going alright but there's tiny imperfections and inconsistencies in timing that just bug the hell out of me.

What I'd like to do is be able to just run his headphones into the interface with the sequencer's metronome set with the tempo and time sig changes so we can get it perfect.

(To be honest this is the first time I've recorded drums ever, I have no idea if this is even the proper way to do it so any general suggestions are appreciated)

Also, part two of this question: I hear you can't use VST plugins on macs. If this is true, is there any work around so that I could use VST amp simulation instead of recording the signal wet from gearbox (the software that comes with the interface)? I mean it doesn't sound terrible but I'd like to be able to record it dry and do it all in the sequencer.
Reaper is a nice program for that. free trial

Gearbox has a mac version on line-6's website.

are you useing a firewire or usb interface to record?
Woah, reaper has a mac version? I didn't know that haha that kinda solves that problem cause Reaper is what I use now on my PC. Thanks!

I'm using a usb interface. its my old toneport ux2.
Reaper actually is a trial. It just doesn't make you stop using it after the trial expires. You SHOULD buy it once it does. It's cheap as **** anyway.
Hm. Well, does anyone know if the mac version of REAPER can run VST plugins, or does it have to be AU?