7 Strings. I have it tuned in standard with a low A using a .65 string. And then regular 11s set for the other 6. I've been ordering custom sets from Malcolm Newton at "Newtone Strings" who hand winds his round core strings that sound amazing. They work out the same price as buying normal strings and save you the endless hassle of trying to find anything thicker than .56 acoustic strings. Got a few spare sets that'll come with the guitar.

All solid woods. Has a solid spruce top, solid indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard and rosewood headstock veneer.

The whole guitar is hand made by Rob Armstrong. He only builds 15-20 guitars a year now, he's built guitars for Gordon Gilltrap, Maartin Allcock, George Harrison (The one from The Beatles), John Vickers and others.

It's the 2nd loudest acoustic I've ever heard, only narrowly beaten by the monster dreadnaught double neck acoustic, also built by Rob Armstrong.. that my girlfriends dad owns. It has a few minor pick scrapes on the top. It's definitely a players guitar, whenever I see it I have to have a strum everytime.

It's fitted with a top of the range Headway active pickup that has 2 small concentric pots to minimise the amount of wood taken out. The 4 knobs control Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass.

Comes with it's own Armstrong case.

Looking for offers of £700+ as I need to buy myself a plane ticket back home to Australia for September but will consider part trades for decent pedals. (Budda or fulltone wah, nice ODs, EHX POG?)

Prefer collection and cash payment as UK postal service is completely unreliable. I'm near Stoke, Staffs.

I'm going to France until 16th August but I'll get back to any inquiries or PMs as soon as I get back.

Any more info you need just ask..