So I recently bought an old 70s Epiphone ET-270 on CraigsList for $100. I don't really know if I got a good deal, but whatever. Apparently Kurt Cobain and Billy Idol used them at one point, which is probably the only fame the guitar has seen. It has a Strat body, and P-90 pickups (which is a match made in heaven for me), so I really like it. If you need a picture, here's one I found.


The guitar looks just like that one, except a lot more beat up. Lots of dings in the body, and scratches on the pickguard. I guess I don't mind - I'm using it for punk after all. Its also missing a strap-button, but that's easily replaceable with a toothpick and a new button. The only thing that scares me about the guitar is the metalwork. Most of the metal looks just fine. However, about four of the screws on the guitar are rusted over pretty badly, and one screw on the pickguard is missing altogether. I don't know if this kind of rusting is normal in older guitars - I've only bought new guitars.

So basically, my question is this: Is there a standard screw-type (size, depth) for guitars? Are pickguard screws universal, or not at all? What would be the best route to solve the problem? I'm thinking of just unscrewing one of the good screws, bringing it to Home Depot, and telling them to give me their closest match.

But I'm looking for your advice, so any would be great.