I don't trust Behringer. They have quality control issues and usually over-rate their power ratings.
IMHO, I wouldn't buy a Behringer in your place.
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u probably wouldnt want to risk it. behringers are just horrible in every aspect. not only do they sound like a handful of silverwear thrown in a blender, they are extremely unreliable. just dont do it its not a good idea
NO IT SUCKS!!!!!!! God those are terrible... It was amazing when i first started playing and didn't know much about amps and i was like "ZOMG 99 Effects lolol". Now i know more and don't use any effects and can't get a good sound out of that amp worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on (reference?). A good thing about it is it's loud as fuck.... I've never had it past 3 but then again loud =/= good. I use my 20w Epiphone starter pack amp and never touch my behringer. I'm trying to sell it for $100 also. You will regret buying this amp... big time.

What is your budget?
What genres/bands do you play?
Gigging or not?
Head/Stack or Combo?


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Whoa, not a lot of behringer fans on here :P

But yeah, I have to agree... your more likely to get **** out of a rocking horse than a nice tone out of that amp...