hey UG

im looking for an attenuator as the title suggests, but on musicians friend, there are ones that go from 0-100, or 300-ish and up

so i was wondering if there were any good attenuators that wont break the bank

ESP LTD Alexi-200
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Weber attenuators are pretty cheap and work fairly well.

What kind of amp are you looking to attenuate.
b-52 at 112, gettin it in september wen i go to the states, its 60w all tube, so i wanna get some good tube sound without bringing the house down :P hence the attenuator
ESP LTD Alexi-200
Blackstar HT-5 Mini Halfstack
Squier Affinity Strat
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Line 6 Uber Metal
Get the Weber Mass Lite at 100watts.

BTW, solo, your not going to be able to bring the b-52 on the plane, your going to have to ship it back.
I've played on a Weber (I think it was a mass lite), and IMO it altered the tone way more than a THD hotplate did. I am saving for a hotplate myself right now. The thing I hate about hotplates is you pay $300 for just a 16 ohm, which means if I ever get an 8 ohm cab/amp (like a Mesa Mark V), I will need another one. Overall though, hotplates are amazing. You can crank the F out of your amp and quiet it down without altering the tone.

Read some of the reviews on harmony-central to get an idea for which ones people like and dislike.
this is a questions for the people who know about attenuator in this thread.
if i lower the volume output of say a eq in my amps fx loop, doesnt that act as a attenuator?
or is there a difference in what is being done to the sound..
i run my volume -14db out of my bbe maxcom and hence have to turn the amp a whole lot more to get back to desired level. is this the same thing a attenuator does?

its a tube amp so doesnt that make the power tubes kick in at higher volumes then using my method of fx loop?
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no an attenuator does not work like that, what you're essentially doing is creating a pseudo master volume.
I personally would not spend several hundreds for an attenuator for a B-52.

Also, over attenuating sounds bad, regardless of the attenuator being used (except for the UA, which is a reamping rig).
Yeah I would recommend the Weber too. I find it much better than the Hotplate and it sucks tone when you attenuate it a lot, but they all do... That's why I prefer a Powerscale!
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