Hey guys,

My band recently recorded 5 covers of some of our favorite artists. They are Whole Lotta Love, War Pigs, A Hard Day's Night, Time Is Running Out, and Slither.


This was my first time recording a band, as well as mixing/producing and such. Let me know what you think!

Also, critique my guitar tone!

Pretty awesome, really liked the solo of Whole Lotta Love. Felt right.
very nice. I liked the hard days night and war pigs cover. Very nicely mixed. Guitar tone might have a little to much mids but it sounded fine.
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nice job, listened to all but the Beatles one cause I don't like the Beatles but the zep and sabbath were great and your tone was great
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One of the better cover bands I have heard. The only thing I didnt like was the cover of a hard days night, didn't sound right, sort of fumbly.
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Thanks for the kind word and input, fellas.

We actually aren't a "cover" band, we just wanted to record some of favorites for our myspace and demo cds for promoters and such. We're recording some of our original tunes later in August, can't wait! but a lot of promoters/bar owners/event managers want familiar cover music, so what can do? :P
Your tone on the zeppelin tune was perfect! what gear were you using? Your band play great together too, you have that umpth!
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