I need help trying to find the name of a song, I dont know the lyrics or who its from. I heard it on the radio but couldnt stay til after the song to hear the name because I was already late for work. I sounded like an 80s song but had a really cool medival style intro with classical instruments. Anyone have any idea what it could be?
i dont know what i could say..... maybe Boh. Raps. by queen? what kinda style was it?
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What's the song called?

haha. +1
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Be sure to be able to recite at least one Shakespeare quote before and after each song.

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What's the song called?

thats the posters question dummy

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thats the posters question dummy

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Hahah probably am **** out of luck, the only thing I can remember is it was some sort of love song. That should narrow it down to about 2 million songs....It wasnt anything obvious like bohemian rhapsody. It had like classical guitar and maybe a harp? I cant really remember but it was definitely medieval style.