hi i am desperated, u see, i live in mexico city, and i am trying to get my perfect gauge of strings, based in my experience,i would like to use a 10,14,19,32,44,56 for playing in drop B, the poblem is that what i've seen here in mexico's music shops is that they only sell the damn same thing that most of people buy, there is NO variety, so my question is: does anybody from mexico knows where could i get these kind of strings, i was thinking about buying all single strings, but since that would be quitte complicated what i could do is get a EXL157 baritone medium guitar package and buy the other strings,so, please!! help dudes!!

D'adarrio as far as I can tell doesnt even make a set of strings the way you want. Could be why the stores dont have any. You would have to go the individual string route. Or try to find another brand maybe. And 10s might be a bit light if you want to drop tune that far. 11s on my strat in c# are pretty loose.
but... thru the net is quitte expensive , 11 huh?, well i have my guitar in Drop B with an 11 for the 1st string, wich means u're 1st string and mine are in the same note: c#, maybe is because my guitar has a floating bridge, so the tension is equally distribuited over all the strings ,so maybe mine is tighter than yours , that's why i'd like a 10, to make the bendings easier , do you know any online store with good prices and international sending posibilities?

sorry for my bad english, cheers!!
The tension will be the same for each tuning. 11s on a trem guitar will have the same tension as on a fixed bridge may feel different but tension is the same. I use 9s on my 25.5 scale guitars in standard tune, 10s on my 24.75 scale guitar in standard, and 11s on my drop tuned guitar which has a trem. Not saying the the 11s are really loose just compared to my other guitars they are. If your used to 10s in drop b then 10s in standard tune would seem really stiff to you. The 11s I use are GHS boomers and go from 11 to 50 ga. Your gonna have to look for skinny tops heavy bottom strings to get try to get the strings you want. GHS has heavyweight boomers that are 10, 13, 17, 36, 52, 60. D'addario doesnt really have something this heavy in 10s their closest is 10-52. Your gonna have to buy individual or find another brand.
I'd say for Drop B get 12's or even 13's.
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