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So I'm a rhythm player and I think that rhythm is highly underrated. So I was wondering who your favorite rhythm guitarists are. Mine is Malcom Young because he freaking rocks. Go.
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Rich Robinson.

Malcolm Young, too. AC/DC's music isn't hard... but it's still impressive that he probably hasn't missed a note in 20 years.
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Probably Willie Adler, LOG rules! that is all.
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Izzy Stradlin and Scott Gorham
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James Hetfield
Nick Catanese
Izzy Stradlin


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DAVE MUSTAINE! He plays rhythm most of the time.

whatever, before marty he was the only one who could play a solo in that band.
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Dave Mustaine
Izzy Stradlin
James Hetfield.

Sorry for lack of originality =(
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Izzy Stradlin, Gilby Clarke, Dirk Sauer, Sami Lopakka, Oscar Dronjak, Jon Schaffer, Marcus Siepen...

And me! Proud rhythm player.
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Yes, he did solos. He really always was a rhythm kind of guy though.

Plus a million. Pete is a god.
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Yes, he did solos. He really always was a rhythm kind of guy though.

I agree with this post.
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Tim Miller - PTH
ya most wouldnt really call it rythym with some of the stuff he plays
but hes def rythym in that band
Pete townshend is awesome, but I call him lead, so Malcom Young!
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Yes, he did solos. He really always was a rhythm kind of guy though.


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Izzy Stradlin, Pete Townside, Jimi Jendrix (when he was playing rhythm guitar, which he did better than leads imo), Walter Becker.
dave grohl, grant nicholas, jason wade, adam levine
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Dustie Waring

This and the guys from Meshuggah.
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jimi Hendrix. He was awesome at incorporating soloing into his rhythm playing.
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Malcom Young, Dave Mustaine (I know he solos too, but he mostly plays rhythm), Toki Wartooth

oh, well played
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Mustaine, then Hetfield in a close second.
Above post may or may not be true.
Gonna have to say Malcolm Young, I think its near impossible not to be influenced by him.
Scott Ian - Anthrax

Nick Hexum - 311

Nancy Wilson - Heart.

Plus some others mentioned
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