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Damnit. My sexy pic is gone. Anyways. Heres something else I recieved today, thats also pretty coo.

Haven't had a chance to plug it in. Not 'til tomorrow D:
Man, I was about to say, with a title like that, this should be in The Pit.

Joking aside, congrats man. Got a cab to go with it?
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Congrats heard alot about these, they're VH140C clones right?

BTW if I had opened it and whatever pic you had was up I would have hunted you down and killed you. (I'm at work, no pr0nz please.) That is why the mods did that, so don't bitch about it.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Hope you have cab. :P
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Bout time you got some head.

Post clipz so we can see her in action.

I'm talking about the amp. Late!
What was the sexy pic!?


Edit- im thinking it was a joke and you put that in yourself now that i think about it. I feel dumb.
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Congrats heard alot about these, they're VH140C clones right?

not sure about clone, thats more like the peavey vtm and sovtek mig doing the marshall jcm800 clone

but i believe crate is a sister company of ampeg, so it probably pretty much the same as thoe old ampegs, minus maybe a different power section
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i wish i could get some head like that
so how much did that cost you?
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Okay, I'm lost. Is it the Crate Stealth? If so, congrats!
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Well, I've played around for about an hour, I took the risk and ran it through the 20watt speaker in my little Crate V5, and unless I missed something, I didn't blow it. Had it on like a quarter of a way up the first volume. Was really quiet. But from what I heard the cleans are EPIC. I didn't try the gain though, I was afraid it'd blow the speakers to bits. Another cool thing I found out is on the backs, theres 4 output jacks for speakers. Each one running 65 watts at 8 ohms. So I could plug in 4 half stacks... I think. Damn that'd be epic. I shall try this when I'm rich. ATM I'm just waiting for saturday so I can get done with work and pick up my 3x12 that I'm having repaired. My wiring was ****. And I got some new speakers. And yes... its a 3x12, got a problem with that?
what kind of speakers are in your 3x12 lol. and is it shaped like a triangle?
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congrats on your first blow .... oh i get it
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