SG and a Tele

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That hollow body tele is way cool. That one that looks like an SG looks like he just built it out of a bunch of parts? i dunno?
i looks like a strat neck on a single cut sg... that tele looks sick too
Thinline Tele and what looks like some random Partscaster with a Fender neck
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Reminds of a Fender.

Could be some other company we've never heard of.
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something like that maybe?
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It looks like something he made himself. The body might be a modfied tele and the neck looks like a strat.
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There's a better picture of it on this video (@3:05):


Single cut SG with Strat neck is my best guess. Hammered something together.


Looks like he lopped the top horn of an SG off and slapped a Fender neck to it.

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that is for sure a fender neck... looks like he did it himself too

EDIT: awesome song btw... ill check em out
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It's a battered Mustang. Note how the top part where the other horn is meant to be is covered in tape: it's been damaged and "repaired". That's why it's such an odd shape.

It's a Fender Mustang with humbuckers.

EDIT: upon closer analysis, I don't know WTF it is, but if it weren't for that single-cutaway, it'd be a Mustang.
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nah... that horn and pickguard are definitely SG... is the neck and duck tape that throws me off