yamaha tg77 rackmount synth. has some rack wear on top of unit, but of course that wont be visible in your rack. cleaned unit, and tested all output channels and phono outs. also tested all midi outputs/inputs. everything works and seriously sounds GREAT. no noise issues. i wish i could keep this one, but the time has come where i need something more portable. im willing to trade only for a yamaha DX 7 II synth, any condition is fine. otherwise its 180$ shipped US.

heres a short description -

"Yamaha TG77 is a 16 voice multitimbral music workstation (synthesizer) utilizing Realtime Convolution and Modulation Synthesis (RC&M). The convolution synthesis takes place by emulation of analog filter operation, filtering the AFM and AWM2 elements in a voice. Eight filters can be controlled by dedicated envelope generators. TG77 is equipped with two sets of stereo outputs and eight individual outputs which are assignable to individual, internal, instruments. TG77 has a large LCD display and programming takes place through a keypad on the front panel of the unit. The unit can generate rich, layered, multitimbral sounds very characteristic to the FM synthesis. There are large libraries of patches and expansion cards available for TG77 that allow for expansion of tonal capabilities of the unit. The unit came into production in 1989 and was designed and manufactured by Yamaha Corporation."

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Vintage Synth Explorer - Yamaha SY-77