Please help me identify what model of Dinky I have guys.

I have a Black Jackson Dinky, with Floyd rose, rosewood fretboard with shark tooth inlay. Doublt humbucker.

Bought it about 2.5 years ago.

On the back I still have the guitar shops barcode which says:


Think it was about £500 Ex Display...

Thanks guys!
Thankyou very much mate.

I had a search on the internet and still cant find my exact model..

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Can't be a Jackson DK27 since that is a string thru. Umm does it have 'Professional' written on the headstock?
Hmmm, no it doesnt have professional written on the headstock. I do however, have the serial number?!

Awesome, that looks about right. Strage the music store sold it as an MG then eh?
Maybe they werent sure?!
Now to price it... grrr!
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It's from the mg series, I belive it's a step under the pro line

The MG series isn't a step under the pro series. A guitar from Jackson's MG series is just a pro series with EMG's. They're built in the same place, to the same quality ect.