How are you supposed to clean your fretboard if it's supposedly bad to remove all your strings at once?
If you want to clean the fretboard just clean the exposed part as you change each string. And yes taking all of the strings off at once can cause the neck to bow

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Just do it. The neck won't reset that quickly. De-tune, cut, and remove them all one at a time. I've had no problems with this. Hell, I haven't gotten my guitar (A 96 Korean Squier Strat) set up in almost three years and only the contour's off.
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If you want to clean the fretboard just clean the exposed part as you change each string. And yes taking all of the strings off at once can cause the neck to bow

oh. i knew that was true for storage, if you leave the strings off for extended times, but i have never had a problem with changing strings and such.
eh, if you're only changing strings and putting new ones on right away, with "normal" string gauges anyway, I doubt there'll be a problem with taking them all off to give the 'board a quick clean. I'm no guitar tech, of course, but it hasn't done my guitars any harm.
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it is ok to have all the strings off long enough to clean your fretboard, just dont have them all off for days on end (supposedtly)

although to be honest, if you are using standard strings and the truss rod is set for such (as in, you're not using really heavey strings, or strings made for alternate tunings that will put more pressure) your neck will be fine for quite a while without strings on it.
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I've removed all at once on occassion too and I just give the guitar a little more time to settle in afterwards before checking action & intonation.
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Removing all the strings may cause the setup to shift over time a little faster but if you just do it once (or even quite a few times) to clean the fretboard it wont hurt anything.

Use Fretboard conditioner (Lemon oil, etc.) to clean Rosewood and other non finished boards and get fretboard cleaner for finished boards like maple.

Also, if your board is really dirty, you can use 0000 grade steel wool to clean it. Just be gentle and it will be fine.
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First what type of fretboard do you have? And second you can take all strings off the neck and not damage the neck to the point that it's unrepairable unless you leave it resting for years.