I'm having some problems picking. My arm always ends up aching after a certain time of playing. I try to pick from my wrist but for some reason my arm STILL ends up aching and I have to stop. This only happens when I'm doing a lot of downpicking. Maybe I'm not good at picking from my wrist? I can't figure out why this happens or what I'm doing wrong, and it's so frustrating As guitarded as this next question is going to sound, what is the most relaxed, comfortable way to do a lot of downpicking without getting tired out so fast? I do NOT anchor my pinky or rest my hand on anything. How do I pick from my wrist, instead of from my elbow or arm?
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How long have you played for?
I suspect that it's just an endurance problem, not technique. Just keep playing and stop when it hurts. Wait for the hurt to go away, practice some more. Maybe try doing stuff that isn't mostly down picked. If your technique is correct and you don't anchor, then I'm willing to be that your problem is purely endurance. Just keep playing - you can do it.
think - it just like doing a workout. You are not going to bench press until you tear your muscles off the bone. You stop when it starts hurting. Each time you go a bit further - go through more pain. It is the same deal with downstrokes. Stop when it hurts but remember to go a bit further each time.

I hurt to when I do a lot of downstroking, but thats because I hardly ever do it.
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I'm still willing to bet it's an endurance problem. OP, how long have you been playing?
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About a year and a half
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